Can We Tackle Traffic Congestion & Climate Change with the Same Policy? Some Grist for the Mill

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On this #WonkWednesday we explore the weird policy space between congestion pricing and carbon pricing. This recent Grist article by Ben Adler poses the important question: how best do we align our transportation policies with our climate goals? In doing so, Adler debates the merits of potential distance-based road charging versus existing gas taxes. But […]

fighting traffic with congestion pricing

Fighting traffic with congestion pricing

Livable Cities

The following is an excerpt from The Policy Opportunity of Our Generation: Ecofiscal Reform in Canada’s Provinces and Cities, published in Public Sector Digest, February 2015, and made available online January 15th. This is the third of a four-part blog series that highlights how ecofiscal policies can help cities and provinces conserve water, fight traffic […]

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