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Image of forest fire

How can climate policy reduce our vulnerability to forest fires? It’s a complex equation

Climate and Energy Pollution

The B.C. wildfires continue to rage, displacing tens of thousands and bringing the incredible human costs into fresh focus. Forests cover almost 35% of Canada. They are both a tremendous asset and a source of disaster. In the face of climate change, scenes similar to those in Inland B.C. will increase in frequency. How do […]

Chris Ragan photo - Storify of our Tweet Chat on Carbn Pricing

Chris Ragan on ‘ecofiscal’ policies for Canada

Climate and Energy

This piece by Chris Chipello originally appeared in The McGill Reporter on December 5, 2014 Economics Prof. Christopher Ragan made headlines across the country last month with the launch of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, an independent group of 12 policy-savvy economists determined to promote fiscal changes that will benefit both the economy and the environment. The […]

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