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Opinion:  To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need carbon pricing

“The best that science has to offer is telling us that we should act with urgency on climate change. The best that economics has to offer is telling us we have a key solution right under our noses. Carbon pricing is now a Nobel Prize-winning idea. Let’s take this occasion to remind ourselves that in Canada’s climate debate, evidence should carry the day.”
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So, Calgary: what if every time you threw out your garbage, you had to pay a fee?

“What Ecofiscal is proposing is pretty simple: We’d all be charged a new fee each time we have garbage that needs to be picked up. The thing is, if you don’t put out the bin for collection, you don’t get charged the fee. So that incentivizes people to not put their bins out when they’re not full and, as a result, the city spends less having to collect that garbage.”
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Price environmental risks like carbon: Ecofiscal Commission

“When it comes to responding to accidents like the train derailment that happened yesterday near Pemberton, there is a tendency within government to respond with tougher and potentially overly prescriptive regulations. But the Ecofiscal Commission is suggesting an alternative with a model that is similar to putting a price on carbon: putting a price on risk.”
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