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It’s time to drop costly biofuels subsidies: Ecofiscal Commission report

“Once we now have carbon pricing as a reality, you want to think about all the kinds of policies you don’t need anymore — because a carbon price just does the job a whole lot better,” said the Ecofiscal Commission Chairman. “This is a prime example.”

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Report claims recycled carbon taxes could help provincial economies

Ragan“No single revenue-recycling approach is a clear winner across all dimensions. Optimal revenue recycling within any given province will depend on the relative weights placed on the different objectives, and these weights will naturally depend on the provincial context.”

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There’s nothing wrong with using a carbon tax to generate revenue

LiquidOne could argue that carbon pricing is a superior option for taxation policy. In the case of income and sales taxes, governments are effectively providing a disincentive to positive economic activities that they generally prefer to encourage. A carbon tax, on the other hand, discourages a behaviour that the government actually wants to discourage.

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