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The Next #90Days is about Getting Carbon Pricing Right in Canada

On Saturday, at the conclusion of the Paris COP, the world achieved a historic agreement on how to go forward with global action on climate change. It includes, among its many terms, a commitment to keep warming well below 2 degrees with the aim of a 1.5 degree limit, safeguards […] More

Canada’s a Global Ambassador for Carbon Pricing. So What?

An interesting thing happened at the Paris Climate Summit this week. Six-heads of state joined together with the World Bank and the IMF to officially launch the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition and sound a global call for pricing carbon. Here’s the kicker: Canada was one of those six. Just to […] More

Statement: Road Back from Paris is Critical for Canadian Carbon Pricing Policies

Today, Monday November 23, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with First Ministers to discuss Canada’s climate change strategy one week before the Paris Climate Summit. This meeting comes one day after the unveiling of Alberta’s climate strategy, which includes an economy-wide carbon price of $30/tonne by 2018. Statement from Chris […] More

Don’t Hate the Driver, Hate the Traffic

We take transportation policies personally, and we should. But when it comes to fighting congestion, instead of playing the blame game we need to change the game completely. I have a confession to make: I drive a car. Not all the time. But sometimes. Even though I live five minutes […] More

The Problems We’re Not Solving by Banning Bottled Water

A four-part Ecofiscal blog series on Medium by Jessie Sitnick and Dale Beugin On college campuses, in corporate boardrooms, and city halls people are asking “how do we solve a problem like bottled water?” But what if we’re all asking the wrong first question? Not, how do we solve the problem, but rather, […] More

4 Things You Should Know About HOT Lanes

More choice, less traffic. Let’s have a real conversation about how HOT lanes work and who benefits. Last week, Kathleen Wynne reiterated that HOT lanes (High Occupancy Toll lanes) are on the province’s agenda. She didn’t say where and she didn’t say when, but she did say that planning is […] More

Competing in a cap-and-trade environment

Panel discusses how Ontario's new system will create both opportunities and challenges The following article summarizing the Ecofiscal Commissions' event with the Martin Prosperity Institute on cap-and-trade was first published by the REMI Network. On April 13, the Ontario government announced its commitment to a cap-and-trade system to reduce the […] More

Ecofiscal so simple a 7-year-old can understand it

What The Lorax can teach us about pricing pollution Admission: I am not an economist. However, I have been given the tremendous opportunity to work with a dozen of Canada’s leading economic-policy experts to help launch and communicate the work of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission. Having spent the past months immersing […] More

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