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Mobility pricing - Metro Vancouver - Congestion Pricing

How should road congestion in Metro Vancouver be priced?

Livable Cities

If you ever find yourself at a random party in Metro Vancouver and are struggling to make conversation, asking about the region’s traffic woes is a guaranteed ticket for a lively debate. Metro Vancouver has some of the worst traffic in Canada, and is intensifying with the region’s rapid population growth and confined geography. The […]

British Columbia's carbon tax

British Columbia’s carbon tax is an opportunity for Christy Clark

Climate and Energy

The British Columbia government is planning to announce the next phase of its carbon tax some time in June, and it is coming under plenty of pressure. Environmental groups want the carbon tax to keep rising so the province can achieve its aggressive target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Parts of the business community are […]

Hands holding water from a lake

Know Thy Water: The First Commandment of Water Pricing


This week Metro Vancouver announced Stage 3 water restrictions banning the use of lawn sprinklers as reservoirs sit below 73%. As BC’s drought saga continues, Canadians are getting a first-hand lesson in the value of water. But do we really understand it—where our water comes from and the costs of over-use? B.C Drought Makes Water […]

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