Alberta’s oil patch: risks vs. costs

Cleanup liabilities in Alberta’s oil patch: Risks vs. costs

Climate and Energy

Last week, a news story broke with an eye-grabbing headline: Cleaning up Alberta’s oil patch could cost $260 billion. This figure massively exceeded the provincial regulator’s official estimate of $58 billion. Reading a little further down revealed some key details. First, the $260 billion was — according to the Alberta Energy Regulator — a worst-case scenario. Second, […]

Photo of Canada's Minister of Environment Catherine McKenna feature image for Why carbon pricing and cash rebates to oil companies go hand in hand

Why carbon pricing and rebates to oil companies go hand in hand

Climate and Energy

We want firms to get cleaner, not smaller. So we should help those most exposed to competitiveness pressures caused by carbon pricing. Canadian provinces are actively moving toward putting a broad-based price on greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, some of them are providing cash rebates back to businesses in emissions-intensive sectors. This combination […]

Driving change: Carbon pricing and the transportation sector

Climate and Energy

North American transportation systems have been shaped by cheap and abundant fossil fuels, and so too have our travel habits. Unlike other sectors of the economy that have viable low-carbon alternatives, fossil fuels are still the dominant fuel source for how we move around. And let’s face it, some people need to drive and don’t […]

biofuel policy

A legal bout in the U.S. shines light on some of the big challenges with biofuels in Canada

Climate and Energy

Biofuel policy south of the border is heating up. On January 8th seven agricultural and biofuel groups initiated a court challenge against a recent ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which lowers the mandated minimum renewable fuel content in gasoline and diesel. The court challenge is interesting in its own right, but the rationale […]

carbon pricing will help to secure alberta's economic future

Why carbon pricing will help to secure Alberta’s economic future

Climate and Energy

As Alberta’s new government assembles its troops and redesigns its policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the need for greater environmental protection will be an obvious rallying cry. But Premier Rachel Notley should also be sure to make the case that pricing carbon emissions is very much in Alberta’s economic interests. Many will wonder whether […]

Carbon pricing in Alberta - panel discussion "In This Together: Carbon Pricing and Alberta's Family Business" May 22, Calgary

Climate “Lovefest” in Calgary? Alberta’s New Carbon Pricing Conversation

Climate and Energy

Last week, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and Suncor co-hosted a panel discussion in the heart of downtown Calgary. The Subject: In This Together—Carbon Pricing and Alberta’s Family Business. What happens when you ask oil and gas executives, business and community leaders, economists, and environmentalists to come together to talk about the future of climate policy in […]

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