Doug Ford victory speech after Ontario election. Ford plans to get rid of Ontario's cap-and-trade (carbon pricing) system (that he refers to as a carbon tax).

Tread Carefully: Ontario’s cap-and-trade system meets a fork in the road

Climate and Energy Pollution

Ontario elected a new government yesterday, and as far as carbon pricing is concerned, change is afoot. The province’s cap-and-trade system is working well, but the incoming Progressive Conservatives have signaled their discontent with the status quo. In this blog, we’ll look at their options—everything from leaving the WCI entirely to changing how auction revenues […]

Could Ontario and Quebec’s cap-and-trade get Trumped?

Could Ontario and Quebec’s cap-and-trade get Trumped?

Climate and Energy

The election of Donald Trump has provoked deep concern in climate policy circles. Reince Priebus, Trump’s White House chief of staff, recently stated that Trump’s ‘default’ position is that climate science is “a bunch of bunk.” This raises critical questions about the future of climate policy in the U.S. as well as internationally, due to […]

Unpacking the WCI: Hangin’ tough

Climate and Energy

Over the past couple of months our summer blog series Unpacking the Western Climate Initiative has taken a look under the hood of California, Québec and Ontario’s integrated cap-and-trade system. In this final installment, we review what we’ve learned and take a look at some recent developments that have been in the headlines. Overall, we […]

complementary climate policies

Unpacking the WCI: Backhanded complements?

Climate and Energy

As we’ve noted in our summer blog series, California has a cap-and-trade system. But it’s also got a low-carbon fuel standard. And a renewable electricity portfolio standard. And vehicle emissions performance standards. And a swath of other policies to reduce GHG emissions. In fact, the California Air and Resources Board estimates that these “complementary climate […]

California WCI

Unpacking the WCI: Balancing stability and flexibility

Climate and Energy

In the previous instalment of our summer blog series Unpacking the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), we took a look at the legal uncertainty facing the California cap-and-trade system, one of two key drivers of the recent undersubscribed allowance auctions. In this blog we’ll look at the second driver—permit oversupply—and why the smart design of the […]

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