Climate and Energy

Why Do We Need Carbon Pricing Policies?

Global climate change is already taking a toll on Canada’s economy. At the same time, low-carbon energy production is an important economic opportunity that we shouldn’t miss. Carbon pricing is a necessary policy approach for lowering greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging low-carbon innovation. Delving into the evolving carbon-pricing landscape in Canada and beyond, the Commission examines key policy issues such as the challenge of business competitiveness, options for revenue recycling, and how to link different provincial carbon pricing policies.

Understanding the Impact of Energy Subsidies

Our work also includes taking a critical look at existing energy subsidies, many of which are environmentally harmful, fiscally wasteful, or both. Biofuel subsidies for ethanol, for example, may actually increase greenhouse gas emissions, while also representing large public expenditures. Fossil-fuel subsidies also create perverse environmental and economic impacts. The underlying question here is: what policies can best help Canada transition to a more productive, lower-carbon economy that includes the scaling up of renewable energy?

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