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Carbon Pricing and Innovation

Carbon Pricing and Innovation

Climate and Energy Technology and Innovation

“Innovation” is buzzy these days, with lots of smart people thinking and writing about the role of policy in driving innovation to improve productivity and economic growth. And yes, innovation is great. It lets us use inputs—like capital, labour, and resources—more efficiently. It’s especially important in our efforts to reduce GHG emissions: innovation around new […]

Self-driving cars: A techno-utopia or an eco-nightmare?

Climate and Energy Livable Cities Pollution Technology and Innovation

by Simon Altman Elon Musk recently announced that Tesla will have a fully autonomous car ready by 2020, and Tesla is not alone. As this technology moves from dream to reality, some have started to discuss the opportunities it will present, while others are stuck dwelling on the risks. In this blog we explore these […]

Preston Manning - Ecofiscal Commission - Annual Report

In their own words: Preston Manning, Ecofiscal Advisor

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The following testimonial is from our 2015 Annual Report. I’m often asked how I reconcile conservative economic values with environmental interests. For me, there’s no inherent philosophical conflict. After all, “conservation” and “conservative” come from the same root. We need to find a way to move past the economy-versus-environment way of thinking. Fiscal conservatives believe […]

Dick Lipsey, green growth, no growth,

Growth in the Developed Countries: Do we need it and can we sustain it?

Technology and Innovation

The Ecofiscal Commission believes that our economies can continue to grow, even as we improve the environment by polluting less and using our natural resources more efficiently. We recognize that this position rubs up against a live and interesting debate often characterized as “growth vs no growth”. While the Ecofiscal Commission’s work does not address […]

Richard Lipsey picture - carbon pricing

How carbon pricing can spur innovation & cleaner economic growth

Climate and Energy Technology and Innovation

By Richard Lipsey Humans are inventive creatures. Throughout history, whenever we’re presented with a challenge, we’ve invented our way around it. Carbon pricing is the perfect example of a business challenge. When we put a tax on fossil fuels or create a cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions, it increases the cost of doing business. And […]

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