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How does Ontario’s Cap and Trade Program Design Options consider competitiveness pressures?

Climate and Energy

Today, let’s talk about competitiveness pressures on industry under carbon pricing and how carbon pricing policy can be designed to address these concerns. And in particular, let’s take a look at how Ontario’s draft proposal for its cap-and-trade system considers these challenges. I’ll get (a little bit) into the weeds, but the implications are quite […]

Carbon Offsets

Four Things You Should Know about Carbon Offsets

Climate and Energy

Last week, Ontario and Quebec announced that they’d be collaborating on a carbon offset system as part of their respective cap-and-trade policies. What’s an offset, you ask? And what are the implications of this provincial tag-team, you wonder? As usual, the Ecofiscal blog has you covered. 1. What a Carbon Offset is and How it […]

Premiers negotiated a Canadian Energy Strategy at the Council of the Federation Meeting in July 2015

The Canadian Energy Strategy: Big Ideas But Light on the Details

Climate and Energy

Two weeks ago in St. John’s, the provincial and territorial Premiers struck a historic deal on a national Canadian energy strategy. While it’s a critical first step in establishing common ground across provinces, much needs to be done to define concrete actions. Economic growth, prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. These are the tenets of […]

Hands holding water from a lake

Know Thy Water: The First Commandment of Water Pricing


This week Metro Vancouver announced Stage 3 water restrictions banning the use of lawn sprinklers as reservoirs sit below 73%. As BC’s drought saga continues, Canadians are getting a first-hand lesson in the value of water. But do we really understand it—where our water comes from and the costs of over-use? B.C Drought Makes Water […]

carbon pricing Nova Scotia

Serious consideration of carbon pricing is warranted in every province

Climate and Energy

On Friday, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council  co-hosted a panel discussion in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Subject: The Business of Carbon Pricing in Atlantic Canada. The following blog highlights some of Chris Ragan’s remarks and the Q&A that followed the panel discussion, which featured David Wheeler, President of Cape Breton University, […]

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