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Making carbon pricing fair in rural and urban areas

In previous blogs, we’ve explored how carbon pricing is expected to affects households with different income-levels and how different revenue recycling options can address potential fairness issues for low-income households. In this last blog of the series, we address additional fairness issues such as the impact on rural and urban […] More

Household Fairness of Carbon Pricing

The Ecofiscal Commission recently released a research paper on provincial carbon pricing and household fairness to complement our broader report, Choose Wisely, which looks at how provinces could use carbon revenue. The research team’s next three blogs will lean on both reports to explore different dimensions of household fairness of […] More

Choosing Wisely: Alberta

Following the recommendations by its Climate Change Review Panel, the Alberta government is overhauling its climate change policy. A central part of this plan is the implementation of a carbon tax in 2017. Starting at $20/tonne in 2017 and increasing the $30/tonne in 2018, the tax is expected to raise […] More

Climate policy interactions: As usual, details matter

It is now become increasingly clear that the federal government wishes to see a carbon price in all parts of the country. While specific details will remain unclear in the near future, in the next 6 months working groups will study carbon pricing and other climate policies that will shape […] More

The Federal Government and the Three Carbon Coordination Options

As part of our ongoing blog series, we are exploring some of the difficult questions around designing and implementing a coordinated provincial-federal carbon pricing strategy. Previous blogs have explored the fundamental objectives and challenges of carbon coordination, the country’s GHG emission gap and the overall benefits of coordinating carbon pricing […] More

How to Stop Turning Valuable Clean Water into Costly Stormwater

Canada’s infrastructure deficit continues to make headlines in the country. The requirement to maintain and build new infrastructure offers an opportunity to think about the interplay between the environmental impacts of our infrastructure, the means by which we pay for these infrastructure and their environmental costs (sounds pretty ecofiscal to […] More

Know Thy Water: The First Commandment of Water Pricing

This week Metro Vancouver announced Stage 3 water restrictions banning the use of lawn sprinklers as reservoirs sit below 73%. As BC’s drought saga continues, Canadians are getting a first-hand lesson in the value of water. But do we really understand it—where our water comes from and the costs of […] More

Water Pricing: Hard Lessons from Cali

Never Waste a Good Crisis: What Can We Learn from California? [caption id="attachment_4060" align="alignleft" width="222"] How can water pricing help us use less and conserve more?[/caption] California’s extreme drought continues to make headlines. No doubt Canada will feel the ripple effects, for example, through potential shocks in our commodity markets. […] More

Gimme Cover! When it comes to Carbon Policy, Broader Coverage is Better

by Vincent Thivierge and Dale Beugin Every so often, the research team here at Ecofiscal will venture out into the blogosphere. Sometimes, we’ll share additional analysis that didn’t quite make it to a report. Sometimes, we’ll elaborate on more technical ideas or data that the main reports consider only briefly. […] More

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