1. Ken Chapman

    Ecofiscal is a great initiative. We need thought leaders who seek wisdom on the critical relationship of economy and ecology. Alberta ought to lead in designing and elevating the positive outcomes beyond potential into practical applied reality.

  2. Emile Rocher

    Alberta’s fatal failures are obsolete building standards and basing an economy entirely on fossil fueled transportation ,not recognizing electricity based transport is fundamentally much more efficient. Using electricity in a first generation electric car produces about 1/2 the GHG emissions of a similar sized gasoline powered car, even with Alberta’s carbon intensive grid when the added footprint of oil sand extraction is factored in. Using natural gas for onsite co-generation with the resulting “waste” heat applied to building loads results in EV fuel cost of about 2 cents/km with free building heat.

  3. Fitzgerald Yaw

    My biggest takeaway from the event was the recognition given to the fact that businesses and individuals have to come to grips with the realities of a “carbon constrained world”.

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