This is a debate worth having: A response to Andrew Jackson

Climate and Energy Technology and Innovation

Earlier this week, Andrew Jackson, senior policy advisor to the Broadbent Institute, wrote a thoughtful and constructively critical analysis of the Ecofiscal Commission’s first report. My first response is: thank you, Andrew. Jackson’s piece epitomizes the much-needed evolution of the debate around climate policy in Canada. It moves us squarely to the discussion we should […]

Polluter Pay, Not Tax Cuts


Check out Andrew Jackson’s full article and Chris Ragan’s response. Progressives will welcome the launch of the Commission, which has put polluter pay squarely at the heart of the policy agenda, and may break a taboo when it comes to talking about pricing carbon. But the first discussion paper shows excessive faith in the power […]

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Green Growth vs. No Growth: Not Which, but When

Climate and Energy Technology and Innovation

For deeper analysis and references supporting the perspective expressed in this blog, see the full paper. Music fans divide the world into two camps: Elvis vs. Beatles. Coffee drinkers: Starbucks vs. Tim Hortons. People concerned about climate change, and its implications for our current economies, also divide themselves into distinctive, and seemingly mutually exclusive groups: […]

Pricing pollution is the right solution

Climate and Energy Pollution Technology and Innovation

This oped by Annette Verschuren and Chris Ragan originally appeared in the Chronicle Herald on November 21, 2014. Politics, religion, and taxes rarely inspire polite and measured conversation around the dinner table. Yet following the release of Laurel Broten’s fiscal review, taxes are the hot topic in many Nova Scotia kitchens. With 42 overall recommendations, […]

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Charest and Ragan: ‘Ecofiscal’ policies adjust market forces for the sake of the environment

Climate and Energy Pollution

This oped by Jean Charest and Chris Ragan originally appeared in the Montreal Gazette on November 10, 2014 Almost exactly a year ago, the governments of Quebec and California announced an unprecedented North American partnership to link their carbon markets, as part of the Western Climate Initiative. Since then, we have seen momentum build behind […]

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