Coordinating Canadian Carbon Pricing Strategies - Level playing field

The Benefits of Coordinating Canadian Carbon Pricing Strategies

Climate and Energy

As part of our ongoing blog series, we are exploring some of the difficult questions around designing and implementing a coordinated provincial-federal carbon pricing strategy. The first blog explored the core objectives and challenges of such a strategy, while the second blog explored the size of the emissions gap (i.e. the emissions reductions necessary to […]

carbon gaps - federal-provincial carbon coordination - GHG emissions - climate goals

Carbon Gaps: Emissions, Policy and Prices

Climate and Energy

We’re currently exploring some of the issues related to federal-provincial carbon coordination in a blog series, and the emissions gap is a key measure of the work at-hand. The first blog in the series outlined three primary objectives, and five of the largest inherent challenges. The logical next step is to think about the scale […]

federal-provincial coordination - carbon pricing policies

The Many Pieces of Canada’s Federal-Provincial Climate Puzzle

Climate and Energy

Federal and provincial ministers will be meeting early in March to discuss how best to move forward with coherent policies aimed at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Despite plenty of enthusiasm from the new federal government and a few provinces, the task ahead is daunting, and hard work will be required to sort through the many complex […]

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