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Linking climate policy and economic growth in Saskatchewan

Climate and Energy

by  Craig Alexander and Chris Ragan Even after last week’s budget, Saskatchewan faces two important economic challenges. The first is to enhance its economic growth, projected to be below the national average this year. The second is to reduce its GHG emissions, currently the highest in Canada in per-capita terms. Addressing either one is tough enough. […]

Campbell – A carbon tax is good, but the NDP is going about it the wrong way

Climate and Energy

by Gordon Campbell All Canadians depend on energy for jobs, for public services, and for transfer payments. Energy is about the value of the Canadian dollar and about how much things cost to buy. We all fall prey to the tired dogmas that suggest a strong energy industry prevents us from being environmentally responsible. The […]

Seven things I learned while confronting Albertan scepticism

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Over the holidays, I flew home to Calgary to visit friends and family, enjoy the mountains, and… talk about carbon pricing. I stepped out of my echo chamber and spoke to dozens of Albertans who are, to say the least, unhappy with the new provincial levy. I honestly underestimated just how deep-rooted the opposition is. […]

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Alberta takes the lead with carbon pricing policy

Climate and Energy

by Bev Dahlby, Jim Dinning and Chris Ragan Last week, Alberta introduced legislation to enable its new policy for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. At the core of the policy is an economy-wide carbon price that will generate revenues to be recycled back into the economy. The bottom line, at least based on what we know so […]

Ontario's new climate legislation

The good news and the bad in Ontario’s new climate legislation

Climate and Energy

You may be surprised to learn this, but economists are not the same as “normal” people. The main difference relates to how the two groups think about markets and prices. Most people, including elected politicians, don’t think much about the workings of markets and prices. This is a serious problem when it leads to the […]