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Assessing our emerging pan-Canadian climate policy

Climate and Energy

by Commissioners Paul Boothe, Mel Cappe, Don Drummond, Glen Hodgson, Richard Lipsey, Nancy Olewiler, France St-Hilaire and Christopher Ragan For almost three years, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission has been actively engaged in discussions about carbon pricing across the country. We have spoken with many governments, opposition parties, business groups and environmental organizations. Our emphasis has been […]

Bonne Chance, Paul Lanoie

Climate and Energy

Ecofiscal would like to congratulate Paul Lanoie on his appointment to the position of Sustainable Development Commissioner for the province of Quebec. As of September 6, 2016, Paul will be monitoring the implementation of Quebec’s Sustainable Development Act. We would like to acknowledge and thank Paul for all his hard work at the Commission. As an […]

The Way Forward and the Doug Purvis Prize

Climate and Energy

Ecofiscal’s first report on climate policy, The Way Forward, was just awarded the Doug Purvis prize by the Canadian Economics Association. Quite apart from being a strong vote of confidence in the quality of the research and policy prescriptions contained in the report, the prize was also personally meaningful for the twelve Ecofiscal commissioners. Here’s […]