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Online course: Municipal market-based tools for sustainable development

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When are subsidies win-win for the environment and the economy?

When are subsidies win-win for the environment and the economy?

October 25, 2016

Ecofiscal’s latest report finds that biofuel policies reduce GHG emissions but at a very high cost. During this online event, the panelists will discuss which subsidies can improve the environment in a cost-effective manner and which are either ineffective or too expensive to constitute good policy.

Carbon Pricing and Economic Growth - Ecofiscal

iPolitics Live: Carbon Pricing and Economic Growth

October 20, 2016

An exclusive iPolitics Live event on the future of climate policy against the backdrop of slow economic growth. Panel discussion featuring Elyse Allan, Dominic Barton and Paul Boothe.

How best can Canada reduce its transportation emissions?

October 19, 2016

To what extent have biofuel policies helped to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector? Are they the best way to do so given other competing technologies? These and more questions will be discussed during this live panel.

Comparing Canada’s Carbon Pricing Policies

August 16, 2016

As the carbon pricing debate heats up in Canada we are looking at carbon pricing stringency as a way to measure the policy’s effectiveness at driving emissions reductions. Join us for this webinar where Chair Chris Ragan will discuss the new metrics and how they apply to the four (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec) provinces.

Alberta - coal power - climate policy - carbon pricing - carbon levy

Alberta’s Big Climate Step

May 26, 2016

On Tuesday, May 24th, the Alberta government tabled Bill 20: Climate Leadership Implementation Act. The bill includes details of its carbon levy, as well as details on how the revenues will be recycled. Join us for a panel discussion to examine the new legislation with local experts.