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Online course: Municipal market-based tools for sustainable development

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Pipe Dream or Reality? Showcasing Municipal Water Best Practices

October 2, 2017

Join us for a live discussion where our panelists, hailing from four municipalities from across Canada, share their experiences from the front line. In doing so, they will illustrate the 10 Best Practices from our new report, Only the Pipes Should be Hidden: Best practices for pricing and improving municipal water and wastewater services.

Picture of boat representing climate policy package - carbon pricing + complementary non-pricing climate policies

Genuine complements to carbon pricing

June 20, 2017

Our latest report Supporting Carbon Pricing: How to identify policies that genuinely complement an economy-wide carbon price, provides governments with a framework to identify these policies. In this webinar, Jason Dion will go through the findings and recommendations of the report, and answer questions.

Achieving the Right Balance

June 8, 2017

Join us for a live panel discussion of what and what not to pair with carbon pricing. Our panellists have a variety of positions, ranging from implementing carbon pricing means we should phase-out existing policies, to non-pricing policies are needed to drive deeper emissions reductions, especially because time is of the essence or because politics will get in the way of a carbon price high enough to do the necessary work.

Designing Economic Instruments for the Environment: 2 Day PD Course

May 25-26, 2017

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, with support from The Ivey Foundation, is delivering a 2-day professional development course in Edmonton. This hands-on course has been developed in conjunction with academic experts, current practitioners and adult learning professionals and focuses on the practical elements of economic instrument design.

Photo of Calgary cityscape feature image for Energy Future: Alberta’s carbon tax—It’s impact on the economy and the need for policy certainty event

Alberta’s carbon tax—Its impact on the economy and the need for policy certainty

April 19, 2017

Join Ecofiscal in Calgary in partnership with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce for a panel discussion on Alberta’s hotly debated carbon tax. There are still a lot of important questions. How will the carbon levy affect the economy? How will carbon pricing transform our industries, especially the energy sector? Join us as we try to shine some light on an inherently complicated issue.