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Online course: Municipal market-based tools for sustainable development

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Reducing congestion in Montreal using pricing

November 12, 2015

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and the Forum Urba 2015 – UQAM, invite you to a roundtable on the role that ecofiscal policies can play in reducing congestion in the Montreal area.

Getting from Here to There in the GTHA A panel discussion about how Canada’s largest and most gridlocked city can put congestion pricing to the test.

Pricing Congestion in the GTHA

November 3, 2015

The event will include a dynamic and conversational panel discussion about traffic congestion with diverse experts moderated by Chris Ragan, followed by a question and answer session. You can also join us by webcast.

How the World Beats Traffic

How the World Beats Traffic

November 2, 2015

The Commission’s first OnAir Google Hangout will be a virtual panel discussion with international experts on how cities are using congestion pricing to combat gridlock. Chris Ragan, chair, will host and moderate the event.