Figures & Tables



Figure 1: Water Flows Through Municipal Water Systems
Figure 2: Municipal Water Consumption in 2013 (daily, per capita)
Figure 3: Municipal Water Consumption in 2013, by Province (daily, per capita)
Figure 4: The Municipal Water System and How it is Financed
Figure 5: Spectrum of Costs for Municipal Water and Wastewater Systems
Figure 6: The Municipal Water System, Financial Flows, and Water Quality Stocks
Figure 7: User Fees Sit at the Nexus of Municipal Water Systems
Figure 8: Municipal Revenues and Expenditures for Drinking Water
Figure 9: Population and Per Capita Water Consumption in St-John’s
Figure 10: Per Capita Water Consumption in Major Canadian Municipalities, 2009
Figure 11: Water Use and Water Prices in Ottawa (2011-2016)
Figure 12: Annual Cost of Water Services in Gibsons (Single-Family Household)


Table 1: Primary Revenue Sources for Municipal Water Systems
Table 2: 2017 Water and Wastewater Rates, St.John’s
Table 3: Price Tiers for Residential Water Users in Battleford
Table 4: Prices for Residential Water Users in North Battleford