Carbon Pricing: A Canadian Approach

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  • Monday May 4, 2015
  • 2:00 pm EST
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Carbon Pricing: A Canadian Approach

Webinar: the most cost-effective and practical approach to lowering GHG emissions in a uniquely Canadian context.

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Canada’s provinces already have a head start in implementing policies to put a price on carbon, and provincially-customized carbon pricing policies present a practical way to make national progress on lowering emissions today. So what is the current progress on the national level?

Join us for this thought-provoking presentation of the latest report of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, The Way Forward: A Practical Approach to Reducing Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This extensive report examines the opportunities for building on these provincial initiatives, and serves as a starting point for a broader discussion on the policy details for implementation at a national level.

Published in April 2015, the Commission’s report explores two central issues. First, why provincial carbon pricing is the practical way to move forward on achieving meaningful, low-cost reductions in GHG emissions. Second, which details and fundamentals of policy design need to be considered as provinces take their next steps.

In this 60-minute webinar, Dr. Chris Ragan, Chair of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission will discuss the findings of the report and the lay out the framework for policy design. The webinar will be moderated by Glen Hodgson, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of the Conference Board, and a member of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission.

Webinar Highlights

Join Chris and Glen as they discussion the Commission’s four recommendations:

  • All provincial governments should move forward by implementing carbon-pricing policies.
  • Provincial carbon-pricing policies, existing and new, should increase in stringency over time.
  • Provincial carbon-pricing policies should be designed to be as broad as practically possible.
  • Provinces should customize details of policy design based on their unique economic contexts and priorities; they should also plan for longer-term coordination.

About the speakers:

Dr. Chris Ragan is Chair of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and Associate Professor, Macroeconomics and Economic Policy, McGill University. Prior to joining the faculty at McGill in 1989, Chris Ragan was the David Dodge Chair in Monetary Policy at the C.D. Howe Institute. Dr. Ragan has a Ph.D. in Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Glen Hodgson is the Conference Board’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist and brings 32 years of experience and a specialization in international economic and financial issues to the position. He is responsible for overseeing the Board’s macro-economic outlook products, tourism, custom economic research, and is the Board’s chief spokesperson on economic issues. Glen joined the Board in September 2004, after 10 years at Export Development Canada.