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Governments Urged to End Expensive Emissions-Reduction Policies

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission recommends letting biofuels stand on their own, without support from government subsidies Toronto, October 4, 2016 — Canada’s biofuel policies have helped to reduced GHG emissions, but according to a new report from Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, these reductions have come at a significant cost. The report, Course Correction: It’s Time to Rethink […]

Governments Can Use A Common Framework When Comparing Carbon Pricing Policies

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission provides two new ways to benchmark provincial carbon pricing policies Toronto, July 27, 2016 — In a report released today, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission provides a common, consistent framework for federal and provincial governments to compare provincial carbon pricing policies. The report, Comparing Stringency of Carbon Pricing Policies, explains the various ways policy […]

Economists challenge provinces to make carbon pricing revenue work for all Canadians

Toronto, April 6, 2016—In a report released today, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission calls on Canada’s provinces to make wise choices in how they recycle the revenue from carbon pricing. Provinces are faced with many options and trade-offs; the report shows that, done right, revenue recycling can make the economy and environment work better for all Canadians. […]

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission Says Road Back from Paris the Most Important Test for Canadian Climate Policy

MEDIA AVAILABILITY AND STATEMENT November 23, Ottawa—Today, Monday November 23, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with First Ministers to discuss Canada’s climate change strategy one week before the Paris Climate Summit. This meeting comes one day after the unveiling of Alberta’s climate strategy, which includes an economy-wide carbon price of $30/tonne by 2018. WHAT: Interviews […]

Carbon pricing competitiveness concerns can be addressed through thoughtful policy design, says Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission

OTTAWA. November 18, 2015 — Less than 5 per cent of Canada’s economy is likely to experience significant competitive pressures from differences in jurisdictional carbon prices, according to a new paper released today by Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission in advance of the Paris climate talks. “For 95 per cent of the Canadian economy, business competitiveness would […]

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