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Ecofiscal Commission urges governments to make environmental disasters less likely by closing gaps in policy

Ottawa, July 11, 2018—Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission today released a new report, Responsible Risk: How putting a price on environmental risk makes disasters less likely. Environmental disasters — for example, train derailments, tailings pond failures, or oil spills — are infrequent, but also potentially costly. The economic activity that drives our prosperity comes with risk to the […]

Ecofiscal Commission Urges Governments to Clearly Communicate how their Carbon Pricing Policies are Working

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission finds that carbon pricing policies around the world are reducing emissions, while supporting strong economies. Ottawa, April 4, 2018—Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission today released a new report, Clearing the Air: How carbon pricing helps Canada fight climate change. We need a better conversation, based on facts. And the fact is, carbon pricing works. […]

Ecofiscal Commission Urges Municipalities to Make Users Pay for the Water Services They Use

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission finds that well-designed water rates can motivate conservation, fund infrastructure, and protect water quality. Toronto, September 26, 2017—Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission today released a new report, Only the Pipes Should be Hidden: Best practices for pricing and improving municipal water and wastewater services. Municipal water and wastewater services are vital to our health, […]

Ecofiscal Commission Urges Governments to Set a High Bar for Non-Pricing Climate Policies

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission finds that some—but not all—additional GHG policies can support carbon pricing in driving low-cost emissions reductions. June 8, 2017 Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission today released a new and timely report, Supporting Carbon Pricing: How to identify policies that genuinely complement an economy-wide carbon price. With the signing of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean […]

Governments Urged to End Expensive Emissions-Reduction Policies

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission recommends letting biofuels stand on their own, without support from government subsidies Toronto, October 4, 2016 — Canada’s biofuel policies have helped to reduced GHG emissions, but according to a new report from Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, these reductions have come at a significant cost. The report, Course Correction: It’s Time to Rethink […]

Governments Can Use A Common Framework When Comparing Carbon Pricing Policies

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission provides two new ways to benchmark provincial carbon pricing policies Toronto, July 27, 2016 — In a report released today, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission provides a common, consistent framework for federal and provincial governments to compare provincial carbon pricing policies. The report, Comparing Stringency of Carbon Pricing Policies, explains the various ways policy […]

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